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Battery tests & Dual Battery Systems

Battery testing & Dual Battery Systems

Car Battery Replacement

Car batteries should last around 3-4 years depending on quality. If your find that your car is taking a little longer to start or perhaps after leaving an accesory on for a short time has drained your  battery then it is time to start planning for a battery change.

We can test for overnight battery drainage as well. Sometimes it is not your battery that is at fault but perhaps an accesory is slowly consuming your battery power. Our expert knowledge on batteries allow us to choose the correct amperage-hour and CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) level for your vehicle.

At JAG Auto Solutions we have qualified and experienced personnel that can test and verify your battery before replacing it to make sure that it is the battery actually causing the problems and so you will not pay any unnecessary costs. 

Dual Battery Installation

You may want to consider installing a second battery into your vehicle. This allows you to  have twice the amount of battery backup while your car is not running. This also means that you can power accessories such as a fridges, tools, winches and lighting.

There are two ways in which you can install dual batteries:



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1) Simply install them in parallel with no isolator device so you can count on twice the amount of back up power.

The advantage of this installation is that it is simpler and less expensive to install. On the down side, this configuration may get you into trouble if you use all the backup power in both batteries and you cannot start your car. To avoid the latter issue, we recommend the following scenario:

2) Two batteries in parallel but with an isolator.

This configuration allows both batteries to be charged while the car is running, but only your auxiliary battery will be used to power your tools or accessories that need to be used while the car is not running. This way you can make sure that the start/main battery will always have enogh power to start your vehicle.

The second battery can be a deep cycle one so it lasts longer.